End your meetings before they start

Less Zoom fatigue. More focus with async meetings. Acapela is the next generation collaboration platform for remote and hybrid teams.

Say hello to async meetings

Contribute to meetings when it suits you using next level video, text or voice messaging


Select the meeting

Choose an existing meeting from your calendar.


Add meeting structure

Set a goal and give the meeting an agenda.


Collaborate when you have time

Work together on agenda points with text, audio, video and docs.


Make decisions

Drive the discussion forward to completion.


Share outcomes

Automatically share the results across tools and build up knowledge over time.

Next level video, audio, and automatic transcription.

Have a well-organized, detailed discussion about your meeting before it starts. Video and voice messages add a personal touch. Automatic transcriptions make them easy to read and search.

Built-in decision making. Automated follow-ups.

Good meetings have clear outcomes. Acapela offers smart widgets for decision making and next steps.

Web, mobile or directly in your calendar.

Acapela works where you work - whether you are stuck at home, in the office or on the go.

Integrate with your favorite tools

It’s 2021, so we connect to your favorite tools. Bring your projects and documents with you, set an agenda and start collaborating.

Built for busy teams.

Acapela is designed around your needs.

Less Interruptions

Often meetings and exploding Slack threads keep me from working productively. With Acapela I can contribute to discussions on my own schedule.

Senior Engineer

Flexible Sharing

After finishing a complex task, I want to communicate immediately with my team to present my thoughts. With Acapela my colleagues can get a crisp version of my thoughts on their own schedule.

Business Analyst

Freed-Up Calendar

I have 30+ meetings per week. My team uses Slack to ping me but most topics are too complex for a simple thread. With Acapela we have context-rich async communication.

Head of Marketing

Ready to rediscover the way you meet?